FX (Foreign  Exchange/currency) is often ignored by investors when buying or selling an asset. That's where The FX Guy comes in.

Here are some case studies of how The FX Guy has helped clients just like you.

"International Recording Artist"

U.S recording artist, seeks currency advice to cover both income generated from her forthcoming worldwide tour, and an expanding international property and investment portfolio. The FX Guy, liaising with her management company, has helped to optimize her global income and expenditure through currency diversification.

"Returning Home"

UK client wishes to relocate to North America, but expressed concerns over the outlook for the pound over the next 6 months given the Brexit referendum. Client spoke with The FX Guy and decided to convert all available sterling holdings ahead of the referendum, given the political uncertainty - a decision which saved them 12% of their total portfolio value.

"The Business Owner"

Client, based in the UK, owns a business that exports medical equipment around the world. She became concerned that the impact of currency fluctuations were negatively impacting earnings, given that 75% were being generated in foreign currency.

The client now speaks with The FX Guy every week, and as a result of this partnership, the business has an informed outlook on currency movements, which has led to a more stable earnings profile.

"The Wealthy Investor"

Global investor, based in Germany, has an investment portfolio with assets denominated in 6 currencies. Client speaks with The FX Guy on a weekly basis to determine the outlook for the EUR against these assets and whether they should hedge their exposures.

As a result, these hedging strategies have been integrated to form a key component of the clients' investment strategy, contributing nearly 5% towards total portfolio growth during 2017.

"The Boat Owner"

UK client agreed to purchase a large boat being built in Holland, ahead of the Brexit referendum and needed to convert GBP 10 million to EUR at some point over the next 2 years during the boat construction. Client speaks with The FX Guy once a month, who gives updated forecast for EUR versus GBP. Given Brexit concerns for the UK economy and potentially stronger growth projections in the Euro area, client decided to convert GBP to EUR at the earliest opportunity, thus reducing their overall boat purchase cost by 8%*.

*at current rates

"The Day Trader"

Asia based day trader speaks with The FX Guy 2-3 times per week to determine the outlook for the G10 and many emerging market currencies over the short to medium term. The FX Guy gives the client a macro-economic and geo-political outlook that helps to drive her decision making. Through the disciplined nature of the regular dialogue, she has been able to improve her understanding of what factors drive currency markets and boost trading profits.

"The Trust Company"

Medium sized trust company, based in the Channel Islands, has a book of clients from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Many of these clients have structures administered by the trust company that holds business assets as well as residential real estate.

Given the impact that currency markets can have on the assets held in trust, the trustees hold a regular call with The FX Guy to help in the decision making.

Since speaking with The FX Guy, the trustees have successfully managed US/Sterling exposure that has benefitted overall performance of several investment portfolios.

"The Multi-family Office"

Multi-family office, managing wealthy clients from around the world, created a Private Equity Style Investment Property Fund, primarily purchasing UK real estate. Each investor was non-sterling based.

The FX Guy was asked to speak with each underlying investor to help them best position the investment into Sterling (from their home currency) and how to deal with the resulting Sterling cash flows.

"The Professional Football Club"

Premiership Football Club, making regular large player and merchandise transactions involving most G10 and many Emerging Market currencies, speaks with The FX Guy on a quarterly and ad-hoc basis. The conversations help to strategically position the club’s currency allocation, ensuring that they optimise Foreign Exchange execution and transactional cash management.

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