Foreign Exchange - Frequently Asked Questions

What is The FX Guy?

The FX Guy is a bespoke service that supports a myriad of different businesses and individuals seeking Foreign Exchange (currency) advice. The FX Guy is not a computer, rather a Foreign Exchange professional with 25 years  market experience, who provides  Foreign Exchange (currency) advice to support client's day to day business, or personal requirements. Please read through the ‘case studies’ section for some examples of those who have and who are using The FX Guy to help them. This list is not exhaustive, so if you think that you, or your business may benefit from a regular dialogue with The FX Guy, then call or email to discuss.

Why use The FX Guy?

Most professional investors and businesses are internationally focussed and have a diversified portfolio that has investments denominated in several currencies. How these currencies subsequently perform over time against each other can have a massive impact on the overall performance of your investments and your businesses. Furthermore, even if you are thinking about making a large ‘one off’ purchase, such as buying a property overseas or a boat, The FX Guy can help you. Determining the currency allocation and timing of these transactions can have a huge impact on the overall cost. Just ask any of those individuals or businesses that were impacted by the sharp fall in the pound after Brexit.

What does the FX Guy cover?

The FX Guy will give advice and forecasts on all G10* and many emerging market currencies and their respective interaction ‘currency pairs’. The FX Guy will also give advice on what has been driving and what is likely to drive current and future direction for these currencies, both economic or political. He follows markets, and will be able to identify events that may have a bearing on the direction of currencies and markets as a whole.

*What are the G10 countries

   1. United States - US Dollar (USD)
    2. United Kingdom - Great British Pound (GBP)
    3. Canada - Canadian Dollar (CAD)
   4. France - Euro (EUR)
    5. Germany - Euro (EUR)
    6. Italy - Euro (EUR)
    7. Japan - Japanese Yen (JPY)
    8. Netherlands - Euro (EUR)
    9. Sweden - Swedish Krona (SEK)
  10. Belgium - Euro (EUR)
   11. Switzerland - Swiss Franc (CHF)

How is this advice given?

The FX Guy can give advice either over the phone, written, or a combination of both. Most clients prefer a one on one conversation with The FX Guy, especially when they first speak with him. Getting to know each other is paramount to being able to build a long-standing relationship. However, some clients require a bespoke written summary of their expected requirements, or a written summary of the conversation and follow-up suggestions. The FX Guy is completely flexible and can tailor the delivery to your requirements.

How often should I speak with The FX Guy?

The regularity of the calls and communication is dependent on each individual client, or business and their specific needs. These needs can and often do change, over time. Some clients will speak with The FX Guy daily, once a week or others once a month. The regularity all depends on the evolution of your personal or business circumstances.

Will I have to pay as soon as I speak with the FX Guy?

No. The first call is always free. It helps both sides decide whether the service is suitable for them, or not. The FX Guy will always need to establish some basic client information (KYC) before any detailed discussions are given.