Here's How The FX Guy Can Help

Regular one-to-one personal conversations on global economics and geo-politics and the impact on FX markets with knowledgeable investors - whether you are trading as an occupation or managing a portfolio of multi-currency assets.

One-off currency advice on dealing with some of the significant events you might face – such as a house purchase or sale overseas, inheritance from a non-UK estate, moving or relocating to another country, making a large purchase (such as a boat) in a different currency or being paid through your business in a different currency.

If there is a currency impact, then The FX Guy can help. You do not need to be a sophisticated investor to need currency advice.

How It Works

Contact The FX Guy via email, telephone or message by using the ‘Contact Us’ button or use the live chat below.

FX Guy – that’s me - will call you to discuss your requirements. If it’s something that I can’t help with or the cost of advice will outweigh the benefit I’ll tell you straight.

Together we’ll agree an action plan, fixed price costings and get to work.
Sit back and relax

What We Don't Do

We will not give any advice on specific investments, such as whether you should buy or sell one stock or fixed income investment over another. We are not a 'holiday' foreign currency conversion site. You should probably NOT contact us if you are considering when might be the appropriate moment to convert foreign exchange for your holidays!

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